Exothermic Cutting Electrodes 10mm x 50cm


Brochure & User Guide


TYT-EEKE exothermic cutting electrodes has the longest possible combustion capability. This new type of cutting electrodes has an average of 65 seconds of burn time with a pressure of 4.5 bar oxygen, thus can cut a carbon steel of 100 mm thickness easily. In addition, owing to the optimum metal alloy in its contents, TYT electrodes are smoother and evenly burned than other electrodes, thus delivering better performance and economy to the user.

TYT-EEKE exothermic cutting electrodes are produced in lengths of 50-75 and 100 cm with a diameter 10 mm. TYT electrodes are covered by copper to prevent corrosion. Approximately 5500˚C of heat is generated on the electrode tip during combustion.